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Elegant flowers, handcrafted chocolates, and wines for the discerning.

Autumn Hand-tied

So many colours and so many wonderful flowers combine to make our Autumn Hand-tied bouquet something special. Featuring the freshest, most...


Mothers Day Florist Choice Bouquet

Let our florists create a beautiful bouquet especially for your mum.


Gift Box of Rose and Violet Creams

12 of Rose and Violet Creams that Dillies have put together in a specially presented gift box with cream silk ribbon...


Red Hatbox

A chocolate lovers treat of treats. A beautifully presented selection of Neopolitans and chocolate bars, hot chocolate sachets and a Café...


Macallan Single Malt Whisky

Matured exclusively in oak sherry casks from Spain to deliver a deep, rich, deliciously smooth and well-rounded flavour with a slight...


Lanchester Cranberry Wine

Is stereotypically Cranberry in nose and on the palate,typically dry on the finish after the initial sweetness.


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Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves
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delivery options
Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves

Dillies is the purveyor of little somethings deemed to be delightful.

For exquisite bouquets, funeral tributes and flowers, handcrafted chocolates from Saunders and Charbonnel et Walker, and wines that you probably won't find in the supermarkets that are carefully chosen to suit all pockets as well as the discerning, dillies is the place to come.