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Elegant flowers, handcrafted chocolates, and wines for the discerning.

Foil Helium Balloon - Wedding

Complete your gift with one of our balloons. Say 'Happy Birthday', 'Thank you', 'I love you' and send other messages with...


Vibrant Bouquet

Our expert florists will personally create your Vibrant Bouquet using the finest and freshest stems. As the flowers will be chosen by...


Beeches Dark Chocolate Ginger 100g

Dark chocolates with stem ginger centres


Sultans Crystallised Ginger 200g

Delicious pieces of crystallised stem ginger.


Quinta Do Portal "Mural de Favaios Moscatel"Duoro,Portugal.

Moscatel de Favaios is well known as a very aromatic fortified wine from Portugal. It is a delightful wine due the...


Lanchester Elderberry Fruit Wine

A robust red,rich in colour and flavour,a superb after dinner drink.


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Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves
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Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves

Dillies is the purveyor of little somethings deemed to be delightful.

For exquisite bouquets, funeral tributes and flowers, handcrafted chocolates from Saunders and Charbonnel et Walker, and wines that you probably won't find in the supermarkets that are carefully chosen to suit all pockets as well as the discerning, dillies is the place to come.