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Elegant flowers, handcrafted chocolates, and wines for the discerning.

Indoor Trug

These planted Trugs are packed full of a mixture of long lasting primulas, pansies, hyacinths and spider plants. Some plants may...


Prince Charming

A striking arrangement of white Roses and cream Lisianthus with Veronica, Trachelium and Aconitum providing a touch of blue. Container included


Marzipan and Fruits - Cherry in Kirch

Plain chocolate filled with fine marzipan and cherry fruits in Kirch. Picture shown, plum variety.


Valentinos Belgian Chocolate Pizza

Mouth watering Belgian seven inch milk chocolate base with marsh mallows and white belgian chocolate flakes on top.


Dillies Strawberry Vodka by Friary

A unique recipe of the finest vodka and strawberries combining to make to truly delicious drink,perfect over the rocks or with...


2011 Gaudio Verdelho White

The grape Verdelho creates nice full bodied with hints of tropical fruit, spices and mineral notes. On the palate it...


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Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves
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Dillies - You Shouldn't Haves

Dillies is the purveyor of little somethings deemed to be delightful.

For exquisite bouquets, funeral tributes and flowers, handcrafted chocolates from Saunders and Charbonnel et Walker, and wines that you probably won't find in the supermarkets that are carefully chosen to suit all pockets as well as the discerning, dillies is the place to come.