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Abbot's Choice Liqueur


Friary Liqueurs, a family run business, is now going into its thirteenth year. The company was founded with the idea of creating truly great liqueurs and through a number of years of blending and experimenting, and trying, we are convinced that we have succeeded.

Vintage Information

The Choice Liqueurs, all at 22%, are created for those that are looking for something completely different. Beautifully packaged in our unique shaped bottles. These are beautiful tasting liqueurs.

Tasting Notes

Abbot's Choice is the most popular Liqueur bought from our shop,it`s subtle blend of Scotch Whisky, ginger and spices make it is as smooth as it is warming.If this Liqueur is for a gift,we have boxes available.You can include a message by e-mailing us with your Dillies order reference and we`ll be sure to include your message.
Grape varieties
Alcohol (ABV) 22%

Single bottle £16.99