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Durham Gin


There are three ingredients to our Gin. Firstly, and most importantly there are the botanicals – a mix of herbs and spices which give the unique flavour to our Gin. The exact recipe is a secret, but we use 10 seperate botanicals, including some traditional flavours like Juniper as well as some unusual ones like pink peppercorns. We work with the Botanical Gardens at Durham University who advise us, but we source them from around the world – our Juniper for example is grown in Italy. We have a long term ambition to start growing our own Durham strain of Juniper in a secret location in the Durham Dales. Secondly there is spring water, which we get from a natural spring near Durham City. The third and final ingredient is, of course, alcohol. We use pure grain spirit to make our Gin.

Tasting Notes

Soft and slightly floral with a mix of Juniper, Elderflower and Pink Peppercorns. Notice the difference between our Gin and more traditional Gins which have a more perfumed nose.A mix of traditional Gin flavours like Orris and Angelica, with some hints of Cardamom. There are citrus notes which come from Orange and Lemon peel as well as from Coriander seeds.Please allow 3/5 days delivery. If you would like to include a message please e-mail info@dillies.co.uk
Grape varieties
Region Durham,England
Alcohol (ABV) 40%

Single bottle £29.99