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NV Quinta do Portal Extra Dry White Port, Portugal


Quinta do Portal


Quinta do Portal Douro Valley


Fermenting tanks: Stainless steel vats. Fermentation: Temperature control at 18-20║C. Ageing: Tree years in old casks

Tasting Notes

A great extra dry white port with an amazing brilliant colour. When you try it you will feel how well balanced this white port is between ripe citrus and floral notes. Perfect to drink as an aperitif or with toninc water, mint, lemon and ice (treat your tastebuds to new experiences)!
Grape varieties Classic white varieties from Douro Valley such as Malvasia Fina, Moscatel and Gouveio.
Region Douro
Winemaker Quinta do Portal
Closure Cork
Alcohol (ABV) 22%

Single bottle £17.99