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wine: red


Sierra Creek Red (SIX BOTTLES)

Tasting Notes

Sometimes you just want to turn the radio on and let somebody else make your mind up for you. You've made mind-bending decisions all day, you don't want to come home and choose between Stockhausen and Ornette Coleman. Just press a button and dig what comes out, you'll like it more than you expected. Like this wine, it's smooth and fruity and friendly, and it doesn't want you to beat yourself up looking for a greater profundity. There you go, ‘don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy...’ Perfect. You didn't even know the Eagles were so good. Everything is splendid. Choc-full of bramble fruit, blueberry and spiced plum this is joined by soft ripe redcurrants in the mouth. A delicious easy drinking merlot. Delivery Normally 2/4 days
Vintage 2012
Grape varieties Merlot
Region California
Winemaker Sierra Creek
Closure Stelvin
Alcohol (ABV) 12%

Case of 6 £41.94