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2013 Estreia Rose, Vinho Verde, Portugal

This rosť is unique in the UK. It is made with red grapes, using a white winemaking process to produce a rosť in the vinho verde style. The result is a lovely fresh, versatile wine that is pure Portuguese summer in a glass. Style: Young and Fresh Rosť Serving Temperature: 8 -10C Suggestions: As an aperitif or with small meals, seafood, white meats, Chinese and Italian food. Remember there is NO MINIMUM ORDER WITH DILLIES. All our wines are available in our shop also.

Azulejo Rosť (SIX BOTTLES)

This wine shows a beautiful pink colour and predominant ripen red fruit aromas. It is medium bodied, revealing nice sensations of ripen fruit, combined with good minerality and acidity. It presents a juicy finish, being nicely served as an appetizer or with salads, seafood, grilled food and oriental spicy dishes.
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