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wine: vodka & fruit flavoured vodka


Durham Vodka


Vodka produced in the same Copper Still we use for the Durham Gin. It is triple distilled and slow filtered through a custom built filtration column. Triple distilled, slow filtered Vodka. Great for cocktails or just by itself over ice. Just like our Gin our Vodka is 40% Alchohol

Tasting Notes

Neutral and clean nose, just a hint of sweetness. Very smooth, with no harsh alcohol burn, and just a tiny bit of natural vanilla sweetness. Long clean finish.Drink by itself over ice, or use as the base for cocktails. Please allow 3/5 days delivery. If you would like to include a message please e-mail info@dillies.co.uk
Grape varieties
Region Durham, England
Alcohol (ABV) 40%

Single bottle £24.99