LGW 2013 Barão de Vilar, Douro

This superb Barão de Vilar LBV 2012 is a blend of full, rich and fruity wines of a single year which has been specially chosen for aging from 4 to 6 years in oak casks prior to bottling.

The grapes were foot trodden in granite lagares and stored in large oak vats called tonels. The special characteristics of this LBV are its richness, depth of flavor and powerful, attractive bouquet.

In order to retain as much and as much depth as possible, the blend has been bottled in the same way as the vintage port, without any stabilization. As a result, the port may throw a deposit.

Serving Temperature: Serve room temperature.

Suggestions: Amazing accompaniment to cakes filled with red or black fruit jams, tiramisu, cheeses, ice-cream or simply as a digestive.

Price: £17.99


LGW 2013  Barão de Vilar, Douro

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